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Opened in August 2023, Rising Soul Self-Care Lounge was inspired by the desire to transform holistic health and beauty into an accessible part of anyone's care routine. Here, you can come and be yourself, and stay as long as you like.

Our team will look after you and provide not only their service, but their wisdom, humour, and authenticity, too.

Rising Soul Logo BUTTON.png
Rising Soul Logo BUTTON.png

Meet Our Providers

Our team of professionals go beyond being experts in their field - they will give you the genuine care you deserve so you can experience self-care the way it was meant to be.

gold glitter singular floral art
gold glitter floral art
From the moment you walk in, you feel that you can be yourself here. The services are upscale but without pretention. I also love the cute shop :)


women receiving massage and body scrub at luxury spa


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